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  • piglet nursery crate

    Pig Farrowing & Gestation Crate

    Complete pig crates including pig farrowing crates, pig gestation crate, piglet nursery crates; Supporting parts like flooring devices are also available.

  • automatic pig feeder

    Pig Feeders

    We supply automatic pig feeders and pig feed troughs specially designed for pigs in differenet growing stages. Made of stainless steel, plastic or iron.

  • pig waterer

    Pig Waterers

    We supply pig drinkers for porker, piglets, fattening pigs and adult pigs;Our pig waterer bowls are of automatic design, suitable for both piglets and adult pigs.

  • evaporative cooling pad

    Piggery Ventilation & Cooler

    Efficient cooling & ventilation system is important for modern pig farming, all of our cooling system are enery-saving and of professional design.

  • piglet warming box

    Piggery Heating Equipment

    As well as piggery warming system of hot blast heater, we also supply piglets warming machine such as infrared heat lamp, electric heat pad, etc.

  • pig sorting panel


    You can find nearly all supporting device for pig farming like artificial insemination auxiliary ring,mosquito killer lamp,plastic sorting paddle,etc.

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  • pig farrowing crate
  • piglet nursery crate
  • pig gestation crates
  • pig waterer bowl
  • hot blast heater
  • fiber reinforced plastic fan
  • evaporative aire cooler
  • pig drinker
    • Piggery & Pig Farm

      Piggery & Pig Farm

      There are many and varied ways to raise pigs in different regions. We supply various pig farming piggery for your reference as well as quality pig farming equipment.

    Pig Farming Equipment
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    Pig Farming Equipment Before starting pig farming business, you should have a considerate plant of budget and pig farming equipment. What is the amount of money are you going to invest in this business? Where to buy the pig farming machines? Choose to buy local machines or import more cost-effective machines? You also need to make it clear that what kind of pigs are you planning to breed? Buy piglets directly, or buy sows? because different pigs need different pig farming equipment. To run business more smoothly, you need to choose a reliable manufacturer with full range of pig farming equipment. Choosing a qualified pig farming equipment manufacturer can not only provide quality guarantee but also convenient for grading your pig farming scale in future, as they can provide considerate suggestions.

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