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Pig Farming Blog
  • France Pig Farming France Pig Farming

    French pig farms has been adapting progressively by continually improving the every link in pig production to well-develop the pig farming.

  • Pig Farming in South Africa Pig Farming in South Africa

    Over 12 years, several South Africa pig farmers become successful and independent and South Africa is reaping benefits of growing pig production market even if there are challenges.

  • Swine Industry in England Swine Industry in England

    Pig industry independent adviser Peter Crichton has urged bankers to look more favourably upon farmers who want to invest in pig farming.

  • America Pig Industry America Pig Industry

    America pig indystry has got big and important change in the pig industry value for American agriculture and how & where pigs are produced, but it is still facing many restrictions.

  • Pig Farming in Indian Pig Farming in Indian

    The Pig Development Scheme in India has boosted the application of advanced technical management practices in pig farming; has changed traditional pig rearing class division.

  • Pig Production in Russia Pig Production in Russia

    A new breed of pig farmers employing the advanced pig farming equipments has been helping with achieving growth inpig production of Russia.

  • Pig Farming in Mexico Pig Farming in Mexico

    Mexico pig production has become more integrated in response to increasing demands for better product quality.

  • Pig Farming Development in Germany Pig Farming Development in Germany

    The scale production by employing automatic feeding techniques, computer-controlled ration-timing feeding and mechanized feces cleaning, etc has contributed to the high efficiency of Germany pig farming.

  • Pig Farming Industry in Brazil Pig Farming Industry in Brazil

    Traditional Brazilian pig farms in the south most are small and mid-sized pig farming systems.For modern pig farming in Brazil, pig crates and piggery cooling system have been improved a lot.