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  • Pig Farrowing Crate Pig Farrowing Crate

    We supply 3 models pig farrowing crate/pen/house, respectively CC-A1,CC-B1,CC-C1. In the pig farrowing house, you can equip pig sow & piglet feeders, waterers and heating lamp, etc.

  • Pig Gestation Crates Pig Gestation Crates

    The sow crate adopts hot galvanized pipe, with the thickness of 2.5mm, which achieves the international standard. One group includes 11 pieces, and enough for 10 sows' use.

  • Piglet Nursery Crate Piglet Nursery Crate

    Usually one piglet nursery crate is enough for a whole brood of piglets. Very convenient to install and no need to be welded.

  • Piglet Heat Lamp/Incubator Piglet Heat Lamp/Incubator

    We are supplying infrared heat lamp, electric heat pad and piglet incubator for pig farming. Mild heating process, safe and convenient.

  • Pig Feeders Pig Feeders

    Automatic pig feeders are specially designed for feeding fattening pigs. Completely feeding process, feedstock saving and less space occupied.

  • Pig Feed Trough Pig Feed Trough

    We have feed trough for sow, supplementary feeding trough for piglet, trough for fattening pigs and commonly used trough. For feeding trough material, plastic feeding trough and stainless feeding trough for choice.

  • Pig Drinker Pig Drinker

    Our duck-billed pig drinker and nipple pig drinker are of various specifications respectively for porker, piglets, fattening pigs and adult pigs. All these hog waters all of easy installation and water-saving.

  • Pig Waterer Bowl Pig Waterer Bowl

    Our pig waterer bowls are of automatic design, it can control the water flow speed and water pressure, suitable for both piglets and adult pigs drinking habits.

  • Hot Blast Heater for Piggery Hot Blast Heater for Piggery

    This piggery heating system can adjust temperature automatically with little fuel consumption. The heating area can be up to 1700㎡. Equipped with computer controller for heating time and heating temperature.

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