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Pig Farrowing Crate & Gestation Stall
  • Pig Farrowing Crate Pig Farrowing Crate

    We supply 3 models pig farrowing crate/pen/house, respectively CC-A1,CC-B1,CC-C1. In the pig farrowing house, you can equip pig sow & piglet feeders, waterers and heating lamp, etc.

  • Pig Gestation Crates Pig Gestation Crates

    The sow crate adopts hot galvanized pipe, with the thickness of 2.5mm, which achieves the international standard. One group includes 11 pieces, and enough for 10 sows' use.

  • Piglet Nursery Crate Piglet Nursery Crate

    Usually one piglet nursery crate is enough for a whole brood of piglets. Very convenient to install and no need to be welded.

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