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Pig Feeders
Pig Feeders
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◆ The Introduction to Cylindric Pig Feeder

cylindrical automtic pig feeders

Automatic cylindric pig feeder consists of feed cylinder, base plate and regulating stem, mainly used for feed fattening pigs.
When pig wish to eat food, it will push the wheel of the trough, and the wheel will deliver the feed into the trough. At the same time, the agitator bar will be driven by the wheel,so that the feedstuff will not become cake type. The speed of feedstuff delivery can be adjusted, convenient to control feeding speed and feeding time in the whole piggery.
Advantages of Automatic Pig Feeder
1. The round shape pig feeder has larger feeding spaces than square ones.
2. The round shape pig feeder can save more floor spaces than square ones.
3. The mechanical feed delivering device can make less wastes than natural flowing ones.
◆ Dry Wet Pig Feeder
Introduction to Dry Wet Pig Feeder
The dry wet pig feeder integrates automatic feeding & drinking function. It is suitable for both powder feedstuff and feed pellets. The feed can be delivered evenly through the delicate valve, and it also has automatic regulation device. The drinker can make pigs do less running between feeder and waterer, and benefit for a good digestion.

dry wet pig feeder

The Working Process of Dry Wet Pig Feeder
The dry-wet feeder include hopper and vertical tube. The bottom of the hopper connects with vertical tube, and there’s also a plug at the bottom. The plug is fasten to a straight-bar, and the straight-bar goes through the vertical tube and connects with a dam-board. When pig gets hungry, it will push the dam-board, and the dam-board uplifts the plug to let the feed go through the tube. When pig is eating, all devices go back to their normal position and the delivery stops. And so forth until the pig is full. It will decrease the labor intensity of the workers, avoiding the feedstuff waste
Dry Wet Pig Feeder Features
1. One pig feeder can meet the demand of 40 pigs of 100kg each.
2. Our design can improve the pigs’ feeding intake of more than 20% and make them marketable 7 days earlier.
3. The bottom kerf and doser are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and disassembly.
4. Unique feeding mode, which is suitable for both piglets and fattening pigs. It can decrease the waste of the feed for the most part.
5. It has double-canopy and medical entrance, which can avoid the pigs pilfer feed and pollution efficiently.
6. It will get better performance if combined with automatic charging systems.